5 Amazing Home Health Screening Tests You Should Look Into

posted by Chris Valentine

Today, there are more home health screening options than ever before. Over-the-counter tests range from disease detection to allergy screening to proof-of-relation.

But can you trust them?

Yes, you can—well, some of them, anyway. That’s why we wrote you this guide.

We’ve reviewed the absolute best health screening tests available for home use. Learn about the best home health testing brands, and what they have to offer, below.

The Controversy of Self-Diagnosis

Whether home health screening tests are beneficial is a widely debated controversy at the moment. Here are the two opposing schools of thought you should know about before getting into home health screening.

Home Health Screening Pros

The drive behind home health screening tests (besides capitalism) is to allow more people to get the help they need. By making health screening more available, more patients will pay closer attention to their health. The end result is a general increase in health across the entire population.

In defense of this view, these tests might be the only health screening some patients can afford. They give those with no insurance and low income an inexpensive, yet highly reliable way to watch their health. And the tests go through the FDA before they are approved.

At least, that’s the hope. But it’s not a hope that everyone shares.

Home Health Screening Cons

Many in the health industry say that increasing the availability of self-diagnosis tests will do more harm than good. Specifically, as accurate and government-approved as these tests are, they’re not always right.

No home health screening test is 100% accurate, especially when you factor in user error. As such, they should definitely not be considered a substitute for a professional opinion.

Unfortunately, many health officials fear this is exactly what people will do. After all, what happens when a reputable home screening test, like those below, gives a wrong answer?

Maybe the patient will get a second opinion. But maybe they’ll trust the test and act accordingly. False reassurance from a faulty test might prevent thousands of patients from getting the help they need in time.

The Healthy Middle Ground

So where should you stand on the issue? As always, stand on the healthy middle ground.

Truly, both of these opinions are right. These tests are a cheap, easy, reliable way to watch your health. They’re also no match for a professional opinion.

The bottom line is you should use these tests if it means monitoring your health more actively. But be careful to follow the instructions exactly.

For really important tests, take them twice to be sure and follow up with a doctor. You should also not neglect regular checkups at the doctor’s.

The Best Home Health Screening Tests

Now, let’s take a look at the most helpful and accurate health screening tests available for use at home.

1. EverlyWell Tests

EverlyWell has been researching, producing, and fine-tuning the highest quality self-diagnosis products since 2015. Their accuracy and customer satisfaction levels are as high as they come. Search anywhere on the net, and you’ll find hundreds of positive EverlyWell reviews that speak for themselves.

Their available tests include STD detection, heart health diagnosis, and breast milk analysis. They have tests to check your levels of vitamins, heavy metals, or cholesterol. They also offer metabolic tests, including those for food sensitivity.

Starting at $59, they are very affordably priced. The tests come right to your door and so do the results, after sending in your sample.

The main drawback of EverlyWell tests is that not all of their tests are available in every state.

2. 23 and Me

23 and Me is an amazing health screening company that looks at the patient’s DNA to determine various diagnoses. The company is named after the 23 pairs of chromosomes that contain your unique genetic code.

The tests obtain the relevant genetic code through a simple saliva swab. The sample is then sent to a qualified American lab for analysis.

These tests can give you insight into who you are and who you may be one day. Or, at least they can tell you who your ancestors were and your genetic predisposition to certain health risks. You may even discover some DNA relatives who are alive today you didn’t know about.

This information comes at a significant price though: $99 and up per test.

Knowing genetic health risks, though, is enormously important for your future health. You can actively work to prevent likely conditions, like Alzheimer’s, today, before they’re a problem.

3. Color

Color offers a more advanced, and more expensive, genetic health risk test than 23 and Me. Utilizing next-generation sequencing, mechanical assistance, and other state-of-the-art technology, Color’s test is unparalleled in accuracy.

Also, the $249 price tag includes more than the results of your saliva sample. It also comes with post-results counseling and followup steps on what actions to take with your physician.

The Color test provides the most extensive measures you can take to safeguard your future health. Aside from in-house testing at a medical facility, that is.

4. EasyDNA Paternity Test

With the EasyDNA paternity test, knowing if the child is yours is private and, well, easy! With just a painless saliva swab from you and the child, your samples are ready to send.

Lab technicians analyze 21 genetic markers to be certain of paternal status. The test is even foolproofed against accidentally switching the samples around.

About three business days later, you’ll have your results. This peace of mind costs about $119.

5. ZRT

ZRT provides a huge variety of health screening tests focusing on hormone levels. Depression, infertility, rapid weight-loss/gain—whatever the condition, ZRT lets you know if hormonal imbalance is to blame.

The samples required for testing could be saliva, urine, or blood, depending on the test. Samples are mailed in for analysis.

The test is quite pricey, at $249. But if you haven’t found your answers elsewhere, it could be worth a try.

Stay Healthy With These Home Health Screening Tests

The information you get from home health screening can give you answers, guidance, and peace of mind. It can start you down the road to a healthy future.

But remember, none of that should be attempted without the involvement of a licensed physician. Talk to your doctor, both before testing and after receiving results. Do this and you’ll enjoy a bright, healthy future.

Don’t go yet! Check out our wellness blog for more important health tips.

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