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6 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

posted by Chris Valentine

“Why should I pay someone else to do it when I can do it myself?”

That’s the prevailing logic of any proud and budget-minded homeowner. But you can’t apply that mantra to every situation. Patching up a roof, for instance, might be better left to professional contractors.

“Fine,” you say, “but I’ll still clean my own dang windows!”

Well… even window cleaning might be a better task for professional cleaners.

“But,” you protest, “all you have to do is spray window cleaner on the glass and scrub!”

Yes, and no. Most working folks only have the time and energy to give their windows a quick bath. But, considering the mortgage that you pay, shouldn’t your windows deserve more of a spa treatment? We think so. But we also think there are a host of other reasons why you should kick back and pass this chore off to someone else.

Let’s explore the 6 reasons why you should hire a professional window cleaner.

  1. Better Supplies

Professional cleaners have better cleaning supplies than what you’ve got in your supply closet. Yeah, they’ve got your standard window cleaning solution, paper towels, and rags. But they also have the right equipment to detail your windows.

Standard window cleaning supplies are effective at wiping away loose dirt and water marks on the glass. The stuff that accumulates over time—grime and possibly mold—is much more difficult and grosser to remove. A lot of this icky stuff sticks to the base or to the very top of the window, and it requires tougher scrubbing and detailing, all without scratching the glass.

Professional window cleaners wield apt tools that are better at removing stickier substances (and they probably have more of a stomach for it). Window cleaners will prevent those substances from building up over time.

  1. Better Cleaning

Window cleaners have cleaned more windows than you have, and so they tend to do a better job at it. That’s not meant to be an insult! Truth is, when you spend more time doing something, you’re more likely to be good at it.

Unlike homeowners, window cleaners have their jobs on the line when they’re detailing windows. They have much more motivation to do a good job than homeowners do. Most homeowners have to muster up the energy to clean their windows; it’s a begrudging Sunday chore, and so they’re not keen at giving it a superb effort.

  1. Hard-To-Reach Places

Some windows are positioned in hard-to-reach places. A window might be elevated high above the ground, or perhaps an outside pane is inhibited by landscaping or steep terrain.

Professional window cleaners typically have ladders and long-length cleaning supplies that can reach the more elusive windows.

Ladders, in particular, can be a dangerous tool to clean on. Professional window cleaners can work in tandem to conduct ladder work safely—one cleaner scrubs on top of the ladder while the other holds the base. This is much safer than having to man a ladder by yourself.

  1. Work-to-Enjoyment Ratio

Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t like to cook because I spend so much time cooking a meal, but I spend so little time eating it!”

One of the perks of eating at a restaurant is that you don’t have to prepare the food—you simply eat it when it arrives. The same logic can be applied to window cleaning. Some folks, after having wasted two precious hours cleaning their windows, wish that they’d moved into a cave.

Windows are such an integral part of the modern home. Why work on them when you can just enjoy them?

  1. Supports Small Business

There are few—if any—corporate cleaning giants that control huge chunks of the market. Most window cleaning companies are small businesses, run by local business owners and supporting local laborers.

By hiring professional window cleaners, you’ll be supporting small businesses and giving back to your local community.

6. Saves Time and Stress

Who has the time to clean their windows, anyway? After a hard day of work, why spend the evening cleaning windows? After a hard week of work, why devote any part of your weekend to tedious chores?

If you’re on a tight schedule, save yourself the stress of having to squeeze manual labor into your routine.

But isn’t it also stressful to hire window cleaners?

Not anymore. Thanks to the Internet and wireless technology, it’s now easier than ever to find the right cleaning service at the right price. Many cleaning services use window cleaning software to make invoicing, communication, and payment processing a breeze, so you can pay and receive your invoice all with the click of a button.

If you’ve never used a professional window cleaning service, now’s the time to see what professionals can do for you!

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