9 Uses of Custom Marketing Buttons for Your Small Business

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you looking for a new way to market your small business? Using custom marketing buttons may be the answer to that question. They’re great marketing items for their wearable features and affordability.

Most of your clients will likely pin them onto backpacks or jackets. When a client travels around, the pins on the backpack gets seen in all the places he goes to. In essence, they become mini ad spaces or mini billboards for your business.

Yet, there’s more to pin-back buttons. Read on below for a list of other uses of marketing buttons for your business.

1. Hand out Custom Buttons at Events 

Are you doing a product launch or joining a trade show? They’re a great way to meet potential clients and business partners. The problem is how you make yourself memorable among all the other companies there?

Give your visitors a surprise by giving away marketing buttons as handouts. The event-goers will enjoy the wearable giveaway with creative designs on it. Don’t forget to add your company information on the buttons.

2. Merchandise Marketing Buttons

Have you already established a good following for your brand? Selling custom buttons as products is great for established and well-loved businesses. It doesn’t even matter how small or large your business is.

Pin-back buttons are a great way to expand your product line. Take advantage of your customer base to sell these wearable advertisements. Pack a few together or sell them in singles.

When you get these custom buttons made, make sure they’re worthy of wearing with most styles. Remember that you’re selling them. Their designs have to be worth buying.

3. Celebrate Customers and Company Culture

Is there something that your customers do with your products? For example, a donut shop’s customers might dunk their donuts in their coffee. Thus, a Donut Dunkers Club button makes a great design.

Creating unofficial “clubs” for your customers gives them a feeling of exclusivity. When they see a fellow client wearing your pins, it can be exciting. It’s something they can share with one another and have fun doing.

Celebrating customer culture is one way to let them know that you listen to them. This works well for businesses that have a niche. Make sure you have enough custom button supplies, especially if you know you have a big impact in your area.

4. Create Cost-Effective Collectibles

Custom buttons are great marketing tools because they’re super affordable. They’re flexible: wearable on a person, bag, and more. If you want, you can even use small button magnets for your marketing campaigns.

If you’re a restaurant with promo menu items, why not get buttons to go with those limited-time foods? Or, give buttons to customers who’ve finished your monthly reward program. For an escape room business, give buttons to those who finish a difficult room within a certain time.

The possibilities are endless. All it takes is your creativity and a good marketing campaign.

5. Wear Them at Work

One of the uses of buttons for your company is to give them to your employees. They make a great alternative for nameplates. All you need are blank buttons large enough to read as name tags.

Square buttons are the best choice for this. It’s also a good idea to use erasable marker when you write employee names onto them.

Who says freebies are only for customers?

Another use for buttons in the company is to give them to your employees as freebies. Give it when someone gets an ‘Employee of the Month’ award. Or, give each employee one when the company reaches a milestone.

6. Spur Inspiration

Buttons have been around for decades. If you looked into your box for your high school memorabilia, you might find a button or two in there. This is one more reason why custom buttons work well in marketing your brand.

They trigger emotions, often nostalgia. The youth right now may also see them as great fashion add-ons. The best part is that you can be creative enough to put inspirational messages in them.

Distributing buttons with your business’ name on it only is boring. Give people a reason to wear them on their bags or outfits. Place motivational art or text on the buttons.

7. Craft Them as Calling Cards

Pin-back buttons are more than advertising buttons. When was the last time you saw a unique calling card? If you want to stand out from the crowd, use them as your calling cards.

Since they’re affordable, order them in bulk and keep a few on your person at all times. Don’t want to put your contact information on the button? You can have it printed on the back rim instead so only the receiver knows of it.

8. Offer Them as Freebies with Your Products

In business, the word “free” has a magical and blissful ring to a customer’s ear. Almost always, they can’t deny anything you offer for free. This is the psychology of free stuff that online businesses use to generate leads.

However, you can use that psychology to market your business, too. Since buttons are wearable, they make great freebies. They make awesome freebies when you pair them with a somewhat expensive product.

9. Give Attention to Your Business

If you’re creative enough, you can think of unique ways to design your company’s button pins. It can be anything from a very large button to a 24k gold button. You can even get a scratch-and-sniff or wooden button to match your products.

You can display these buttons in your place of business. Order hundreds of smaller buttons to create a mosaic on an empty wall in your store.

If you want, you can even walk around with a button that’s made of a small LED screen. Think of the pin-back buttons in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. While it’s not available yet, you can recreate it if you have the materials and the know-how.

Advertise Your Business the Fun Way

Those are the 9 uses of custom marketing buttons for businesses, big or small. Don’t be afraid to use other forms of marketing tools. Button pins are one of the most fun marketing tools out there.

They’re also very affordable, especially when you order them in bulk. Use them during events or trade shows. Use them when you have promos or sales.

However, don’t overuse them. If you plan to use these buttons as collectible items, then don’t give away button pins.

If you enjoyed reading this guide on custom marketing buttons, you may enjoy our other guides as well on how to start a digital marketing business. Don’t hesitate to read our other articles and learn new tips and tricks!

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