Astrological Soulmate Secrets – 4 Signs You’ve Found ‘The One’

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s hard enough to put yourself out there and really open up to people, in the hope of perhaps meeting the man or woman of your dreams. In this day and age, everything is so fast paced that we barely have time to breathe – yet more often than not, most of us have the thought at the back of our head, “When am I going to meet ‘The One’?


It’s not that far-fetched to turn to astrology to figure out whether the person you’ve just met is going to work out for the long run or not. But there are so many indications that it could get quite tricky. We often turn to our relationship horoscopes to try to get a sign. It’s actually not a bad idea to get a chart done if you have found someone. If you’re a Sagittarius and want to know if you’re compatible with someone that has a Libra horoscope, getting a chart drawn out might clarify things for you. But besides that, what are some secret tell-tale signs that can tell you for sure that you’ve found the one? Here are 4 sure shot signs that astrology predicts that you’ve found your soulmate.


When you finally meet your soulmate, there will be small but significant occurrences that you won’t be able to deny or ignore. You’ll have feelings and actions that are somehow synchronized. You’ll message or call each other at the same time, you’ll have a feeling when something is wrong with them, even if they’re not around you, you’ll understand each other’s thoughts without having to say too much or anything at all. If this happens, don’t let go! This is your soulmate.


We would all like to think that we are free of judgment, but it’s easier said than done. But when you meet your soulmate, you truly do become a non-judgemental person because you take them and accept them as they are, with all their shortcomings and flaws.



You know you have met your soulmate when there is an undeniable pull, even when you are not physically there with them. It’s something that doesn’t die down with the passage of time, or in rough circumstances. You are both passionate about each other and moving forward in life and intensity in your feelings and respect for one another as well how you choose to face challenges is something that is bound to keep you bonded forever.


This may seem like a given, but trust takes on a whole new depth when you’ve met your soulmate. You genuinely would trust this person with your life. You trust them with life-changing decisions, big or small, and the feeling is mutual. You don’t worry, not even for a moment, that they would betray you. Most of all, you have so much love for this person that you always wish them well, even if they are not with you. The concept of trust expands to all areas of your lives and in turn, this strengthens the bond, even more, making it pretty much unbreakable.


The true astrological secret to identifying your soulmate is taking it back to basics. We have a tendency to complicate situations and this is how we lose what’s really important to the people we meet. When you meet your soulmate, you’ll know. You’ll have these 4 factors are big flaring signs that cannot be denied. The more you know about your character and the traits of people from other signs, the better you’ll be at identifying what works and what doesn’t.

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