The Benefits of Vaporizing Medical Marijuana

posted by Chris Valentine


Over the past few years, vaporizers have gained both acceptance and popularity. With the benefits that the devices offer, it is not surprise that they have become so popular.


  • They eliminate harmful toxins


Vaporizers work by heating dry herb and wax concentrates to a much lower temperature. In this way, they avoid combustion, releasing active compounds safely while doing away with the creation of carbon monoxide and other dangerous toxins associated with smoking.

In fact, a study conducted in 2007 suggested that a tabletop vaporizer produces the same potency while significantly lowering the levels of carbon monoxide produced.

Read more about that study here:



  • A healthier alternative for your lungs


In comparison to smoking, vaporizers have been found to be gentler on the lungs. This makes them a safer and healthier alternative. Although combustion is effective when it comes to releasing the active compounds in dry herb and concentrates, it can damage the respiratory system in a significant way. Vaporizers produce clean and pure vapour instead of smoke, a product that is easier on the lungs.

A 2010 study found that a number of smokers enjoyed better respiratory function after switching to vaporizers for only a month. You can read that study in its entirety article here:



  • Fun and easy consumption


Today, thanks to innovation, vaporizers feature attractive designs and a host of convenient features. These are not only meant to enhance user experience but also promise reliability that most of the consumption devices in the market cannot match. Some of the features you will enjoy with tabletop and portable vaporizers include precise temperature settings, fast heating mechanisms, single-button operating systems, digital controls, haptic feedback notifications, retractable mouthpieces as well as smartphone app compatibility.


  • They can offer greater potency


The wax concentrates that vaporizers allow you to enjoy have active compounds in considerably higher concentrations. If you are seeking more powerful and immediate effects after vaping, you are likely to benefit from the quick acting and potent nature of the concentrates. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why the devices are becoming popular.


  • They’re cost-effective in the long run


There is no doubt that using the devices will require an investment on the outset. However, as you use it over time, you may end up saving money.

This is because the device will give off the pure and potent vapour only when you turn on your forced-air unit or draw from a mouthpiece actively. As a result, you will enjoy extended life on your dry herb or wax. When no vapour that is produced goes to waste, it is clear that the device make for a highly effective consumption method.

Many users recommend the Volcano vaporizer because it saves material over the long term.

For example, in the following Volcano vaporizer review:


The writer outlines that after using the Volcano vaporizer for over 2 years, he reckons he’s saved money on weed even though the vaporizer costs over $600.


  • You enjoy greater flavour


Most dry herb and wax fanatics have said that using vaporizers allows them to get the flavour notes of their botanical material better. One of the benefits of vaporizers is that by eliminating combustion, they allow you to taste flavors that are cleaner and more nuanced. Because they do not burn the herbs or concentrates, you get greater flavour than from any other consumption method.


  • They produce very little odor


In comparison to other inhalation methods, the odor produced by vaporizers is significantly less. This makes it a great choice if you are keen on vaporizing discreetly. Vaporizers are also an ideal choice if you are looking to keep the scent from your clothing, hair or in your house. Since the smell produced will dissipate in a matter of minutes, you will not have to worry about any lingering smells that could disturb your roommates, family members, neighbors or any other person around you.


  • You can take them on the go


The fact that vaporizers come in all sizes means that enthusiasts have the option of carrying the device and enjoying their vapour on the go. Vape pens, which are battery-powered, are not only lightweight but also compact enough to fit in the pocket. These portable vaporizers are also easy to operate, a factor that has increased their popularity among vaporizer enthusiasts.


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