Cars in cinema: the best movies in history featuring the automobile

posted by Chris Valentine

Fast, loud, and exciting, cars have had a prominent place in many exciting movies for generations. While it is easy to find segments of many action movies that feature a good car chase or some other exciting sequence revolving around an automobile, there are films that are centered around them that every self respecting car fan should watch.

We’re certain that Robert Bassam has seen some of these films, and if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us.

If you are looking for a good thrill, check out one of the movies listed in the paragraphs below.

1) The Fast & The Furious

Some may roll their eyes when when they hear this recommendation, but there is no denying that this first film in what would become a full-fledged franchise profiling the world of illegal street racing ignited a passion among car-lovers unlike any other film in recent memory.

Starring action hero Vin Diesel, it derives a ton of excitement not just from the variety of Japanese sports cars that the cast members race, but also from a subplot involving dealings with organized crime.
The success of this film spawned five sequels, and has become Universal Studios highest grossing film series of all time.

2) Gone in 60 Seconds

Another film that is great for those that like their cars of a side of naughtiness, the modern version of Gone in 60 Seconds has Nick Cage coming out of retirement as a master car thief to steal 50 vehicles in three days in order to save the life of a kid that tried and failed to do the same task.

Featuring the theft of all 50 vehicles on screen, ranging from Shelby Cobras to a humble Volvo, this film will give the car enthusiast thrills that few other motion pictures will.

3) Mad Max: Fury Road

Profiling life in a near waterless world where hope is even in shorter supply, Mad Max: Fury Road succeeds in making such a bleak apocalyptic planet seem jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Although this film is a little short on dialogue, it makes up for this with a fleet of cars and trucks that are nothing short of a steampunk’s dream come true.

Kitted out with a variety of weapons and built up in such an absurd fashion that made them all the more stunning, it almost makes you long for the simplicity of an apocalyptic world (almost), so that you could join a gang like the one portrayed in this film.

4) Death Proof

If the lack of coherent dialogue in Mad Max is a problem for you, you will have no problem finding it in Death Proof.

The second feature of 2007 film Grindhouse, this 70’s style exploitation film was directed by Quentin Tarantino, and featured Kirk Russell as a former stunt car driver that spent his evenings trolling around the countryside in his retrofitted Hollywood stunt car looking to give rides to women.

Unfortunately for his first few victims, it was their last car trip, as he intentionally crashed his car to kill them, while he survived unharmed in his specially-designed roll cage.

Later on in the movie, a trio of female protagonists get revenge on our villain in their 1970 Dodge Challenger. We won’t elaborate on the details, as that would spoil the movie, so go see it today and find out how it all goes down.

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