How to Avoid Car Accidents: A Guide on Driver Safety

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you seem to drive by an auto accident scene every time you hit the road?

No, it’s not your luck that’s bad. Considering that over 16,000 car accidents occur every day in the United States, it’s easy to see why you can’t go a day without seeing a road accident.

If you’ve never been involved in a road accident, count your lucky stars! However, if you want it to remain that way, you need to couple up your luck with good driving skills.

In this article, we’re telling you how to avoid car accidents.

Buckle up and read on.

Don’t Get Behind the Wheel If You Aren’t a Trained and Licensed Driver

In the age of cars with automatic transmission, anyone who has even a remote idea on how a car works can get behind the wheel and attempt to drive. A few laps in your own driveway and you might feel competent enough to hit the road.

Well, driving without professional training is not only illegal but also inherently unsafe.

First, you really don’t know how to drive even if you can move a car. Second, there’s a lot that you need to know besides merely driving a vehicle. You need to understand road signs, traffic rules, and whatnot.

In short, don’t drive if you aren’t a trained and licensed driver. If you’re a parent with kids, ensure they aren’t driving your cars unless they’ve been trained and licensed.

Learn Defensive Driving

Even if you’re a super careful driver, there’s no guarantee you won’t be involved in a road crash. A reckless driver can still ram into you out of nowhere.

This is where defensive driving skills come in handy.

As a defensive driver, you’re taught to anticipate the actions of others and respond well ahead of time. This way, you’ll be in a better position to prevent accidents and keep yourself and others safe.

Keep Your Car in Sound Mechanical Condition

If you’re one of those drivers who don’t bother taking their cars to the mechanic unless something is broken, you’re just setting up yourself for disaster.

To avoid accidents, keep your car in the best condition. Stay on top of routine servicing. Change your brakes as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Replace tires as necessary.

Avoid Driving in Bad Weather

Bad weather significantly increases your chances of getting into an accident. About 20 percent of all road crashes are weather-related.

If the weather is bad, it’s best to wait until it gets better before you get on the road. If you absolutely have to drive, take extra caution. Drive slowly and brake gently, otherwise the car could skid out of control.

Know What to Do in the Event of an Accident

Road accidents are bound to happen anyway. Knowing what to do after an accident can help prevent the situation from getting worse. For instance, if an accident is minor, you might want to move the car out of the way of traffic, instead of waiting for the police to arrive.

Use this information wisely and you could save many lives.

Now You Know How to Avoid Car Accidents

A car accident can change your life in a bad way. As a driver, you have a big role to play when out on the open road. Part of this role is to learn how to avoid car accidents. This article has given you the basics, but don’t stop here.

Keep reading our blog for more road safety tips and insights.

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