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Kickin’ It in Kenya

posted by Chris Valentine
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

If you are a fun loving person and like to go on adventurous trips, then Kenya is the right location for you. This land of startling beauty is rightly laced with the bluish waves of the Indian Ocean and has the Savannah rich in natural reserves. The country of Kenya is located in Africa at latitude of 0.4252 degree South and longitude of 36.7517 degree East. It has Ethiopia, Uganda and Sudan as its neighbors. National Parks and reserves comprise one tenth of Kenya’s land surface and lakes, desert, mountains, grasslands and other coasts dot the rest of the region. The fascination also extends to the human population dwelling here, thanks to the nomadic tribes of Kikuyu, Luo, Masai and others who herd the cattle for their living.

Learn more about this fascinating land and know about the top 5 must see places here.

Enjoy a Masai Mara safari
When you are traveling to Kenya it will not be complete unless you enjoy one of the many Kenya Safari Holidays offered. Catch the wild inhabitants of the region such as the lion, elephant, rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo and leopard in their natural surroundings. Make sure you book a safari within the months of July to October, as you will be lucky enough to witness the migration of the wild beast that would feature millions of animals migrating.

Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya, the second tallest mountain range in the continent that includes treks for all ranges of trekkers. If you are a veteran mountain climber you will enjoy with your gear at the Batian that is 5200 m tall or the Nelion of 5188 m. You can also enjoy your time at Lenana at 4985m. It is unique with marshes, rocks, snow, ice caps, thick forests etc that make it a perfect place all year round. The best time to visit here is during July – Oct or Jan and Feb.

Lake Turkana
If you are a history buff, you will love the lake that is situated at the Rift valley’s end. This barren lake stays dry throughout the years and has several archaeological findings within it. This largest desert lake can change few shades of color when the wind blows which would be a feast for those who love to capture images through the lens of their camera.

Tsavo National Parks
There are two popular regions such as Tsavo East and Tsavo West that is also called as the swimming pool of the elephant. Watch the unique scenery of elephants bathing luxuriously along with the hippos and crocodiles. The watching area made with glass offers an irresistible experience.

If you are on the lookout of a romantic getaway while traveling to Kenya then this place is the perfect choice. Relax in the pristine beaches, white sands; enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling in the coral reefs of Watamu. Enjoy sea life at Watamu marine Park or learn a bit of history at Gedi ruins. Whether you have an expensive budget or a shoe string one while traveling to Kenya you can be assured that this place can offer a bit of everything to everyone.

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